"That is how you strike. Like killing a snake that wants to bite you."

Ingon ana ang mobunal. Morag mopatay ug halas nga buot mopaak nimo.

Professor Jose Diaz Caballero

Founder of De Campo 1-2-3 Original


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De Campo 123 Original, like Boxing or Modern Fencing,

relies on clever footwork to deliver only a few techniques

in explosive and unpredictable combinations.

Our club specialises in De Campo 1-2-3 Original, the famous system of Eskrima developed by Jose Diaz Caballero in 1925 at the age of 18, and set out in a written "lesson plan" that is still used as the core curriculum of De Campo 1-2-3 Original today.

De Campo 1-2-3 Original was subjected to testing in numerous documented Juego Todo matches before the 1950s, in which the founder, Grandmaster Jose Caballero, emerged victorious in all of his fights. Besides this well known fact, De Campo can be applied in many self-defence situations with the use of any weapons of opportunity. Its rigorous form of training also provides anyone with an excellent program of exercise for health and fitness.

If your interest is in stick fighting/sparring, you will find that the combat strategy of De Campo can match or outmatch any skilled Eskrimador given the proper understanding of the principles and consistent training of the well-thought-out curriculum of this beautiful Filipino martial art. You will experience group formwork, footwork drills, attribute-development through partner striking drills, and effective combat application and pressure-testing through controlled technical sparring drills (like you would see in a European fencing school), ultimately moving to the fun of free sparring.

You may wonder why 1-2-3 in the art's name? A fan of gunslinger westerns, Jose Diaz Caballero favoured 'fast draw' responses. He is known to have said "if a stick fight goes on more than three seconds . . . be careful." He also stated that his art was as easy to learn as 1-2-3 (though mastery may take longer)! Using the concept of Praksyon (fractional timing or half-beats), the De Campo Eskrimador aims to blend strikes so seamlessly that three strikes appear as one, so they "strike first, and strike last" initiating an attack as soon as an opening is found, or intercepting the opponent's preparation (or intention) to attack.

The system is known for its specialisation in Single Stick (Solo Baston) focusing on a highly effective series of striking combinations. However, its full curriculum includes powerful Double Stick (Doble Baston) methods, and effective translation to the Cutlass (Pinuti). Primarily a duelling art par excellence, the practitioner aims to control distance and evade the opponent's attacks while "defanging the snake" (counterstriking their weapon hand), then entering with a barrage of meteoric strikes in order to end the exchange.