As a traditional approach to Filipino Martial Arts training, there is a strong emphasis on footwork, fluid naturalistic movement, stick and blade work, and defending oneself effectively against multiple opponents.

Grandmaster William Bernas has created a structured and progressive system of Filipino Martial Art he calls the Bernas Estocadas, derived from various traditional arts he learned in Negros.  His most influential teacher was GM Hortencio Navales, who taught him the intricacies of the system popularly known in Bacolod as Pekiti Tirsia (Close-Quarters), which was taught openly in the Navales Arnis Clinic.

​The system starts off with learning how to use the stick as an impact and thrust weapon from solo baston to doble baston then progresses to espada y daga (sword and dagger) where the concept of the blade is then introduced. It then advances to just the daga (dagger) then doble daga. A separate system called Dagaso deals only with knife (attack and defense). Finally, hand to hand combat is taught whereby the same principles of espada y daga are still used. A special section for long stick is also taught in the Bernas Estocadas system.


Manunudlo Robert Parkes is qualified to teach the Solo Baston (Single Stick) curriculum of Bernas Estocadas. The curriculum involves Abecedario (fundamentals) and Pang-Away (fighting applications) and includes the art's special Panindog (stances), Palakat (footwork), the many striking combination drills and the traditional Opensa-Depensa (attack and defence) drills for building combat capability. These methods also form the basis of the Doble Baston (double stick) and Espada (sword).


While we offer regular classes in Bernas Estocadas, our club members are privileged to be also currently studying the Bernas Estocadas system directly from Grandmaster Bernas (and international training director, Manunudlo Paolo Pagaling) via weekly Zoom sessions (Wednesdays 6-7pm). If you live at a distance from us, you can also gain access to instruction in this beautiful and deadly art direct from Grandmaster William Bernas via his online school. You will find the Grandmaster only too willing to help and support you on your journey to learn his system, which he is always eager and generous to share.


While Bernas Estocadas begins with stick-fighting methods, Grandmaster Bernas has made clear in numerous forums that Espada y Daga (Sword & Dagger) methods are the true core of his art. In this video he demonstrates the drill known in the system as Palapaw (Passing).