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BERNAS ESTOCADAS (Vol. 1 Abesedario)
Grandmaster William Bernas
Paolo Pagaling
Robert J. Parkes

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0-6453625-0-3
PAPERBACK ASIN: 0645362506
E-BOOK ISBN: 978-0-6453625-1-0

The combative traditions of the Philippines are many and varied. Although these traditions share a focus on the stick and the blade, there are often subtle differences between them, that reflect diverse regional histories, and the unique experience of their founders.

The Bernas Estocadas system of Filipino Martial Arts was developed by Grandmaster William Bernas, and registers the influence of both the informal but practical Wido (Oido) traditions he originally learned from his Grandfather and Uncle, and the systematic and structured Pekiti Tirsia (or "close quarters") methods he studied with Grandmaster Hortencio Navales, under the direct tutelage of his foremost student, (now Grandmaster) Romeo Postrano, in the Navales Arnis Clinic. The Bernas Estocadas system incorporates the study of both edged and impact weapons, and unarmed methods of defending oneself against an armed opponent. The core methods of the system reflect the nuances of the combative traditions of the Negros Occidental region where Grandmaster Bernas was born and engaged in the study of the Filipino Martial Arts.

In this first volume of a planned multi-volume series, the foundational methods of the system are addressed, including a strong focus on its core offensive and defensive techniques, and the footwork that makes the Bernas Estocadas system perfectly geared for handling multiple opponents. The methods are explained and demonstrated at different points in the book using either the Bastón (stick), or Talíbong (sword).

This book will be of interest to anyone seeking knowledge of authentic Filipino Martial Arts, particular those interested in developing a greater understanding of arts hailing from the Negros region of the Visayas. With the book written by the Grandmaster and two of his Manunúdlò (certified instructors), and all techniques demonstrated by the Grandmaster himself, this will certainly be an indispensable reference for anyone studying, or considering the study of, the Bernas Estocadas system.



The Filipino Martial Arts represent an intangible cultural heritage that Eskrima Media aims to help preserve through research into, and documentation of, its rare and authentic combative traditions.

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