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Because the Filipino Martial Arts began as village systems and family arts, they do not generally involve complex forms of ritual or etiquette. However, we do have a simple form of salutation that we use at the beginning and end of classes, and when engaging in drills, and especially sparring, with a partner.

The salute involves bringing our left foot together with our right foot, and our right fist up to our left chest (symbolically over the heart), with the tip of our weapon pointed upwards if a stick. We then offer a slight bow, and say "Saludo!"

Instructors may be referred to by their given name, martial art "nickname" if they have one, or their rank: "Manunudlo" (Instructor), "Agalon" (Master), or "Lolo Amo" (Grandmaster). The equivalent English terms can also be used. Fellow students may be referred to likewise by their given name, martial nickname, or as "Kumpadre".


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