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Recommended Books & Articles

There are lots of books on martial arts methods, history, philosophy, and strategy, and it is often hard to know where to start. Below are some of the books we recommend.​


Bernas Estocadas Book

This is the essential work for students of the Bernas Estocadas system. The paperback version may be bought directly through the club at a members' only discount.

Eskrima Methods

These books provide an interesting overview of different Arnis/Eskrima methods that may help to enhance your understanding of Eskrima, and compliment the Bernas Estocadas system. 

​Strategy and Tactics

These are a very useful collection of texts that explore the strategy and tactics of the art of "de-fence": Somera and Solderholm's books have a specific focus on Eskrima; Winsor explores strategy and tactics from the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) perspective; and Lovret and Bennett present insights from the Japanese Samurai tradition.

​History & Culture

These are some of the few books centred on, or with good sections on, the history and cultural aspects of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Teaching Martial Arts

Learning how to plan, teach, and assess are important elements of the craft of martial arts teaching, and each of these texts offers something useful for the aspiring Eskrima Instructor.

​Chivalric Ethics and Self-Mastery

The contemporary practice of Filipino Martial Arts is rarely connected with its roots in esoteric spiritual practices. An alternative base for personal development is to consider ideas about chivalry, ethics, and philosophy that are common to many traditions of swordsmanship.

Methods, History & Culture

The following articles are the result of academic research into the history, culture, and practice of the Filipino Martial Arts, or are from martial art magazines dedicated to the study of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Zines & Blogs

Academic Journals


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