Bernas Estocadas Instructor Manunudlo (Instructor)

De Campo 123 Original Magtutudlo (Instructor)

Guro Robert Parkes (BEd Hons Sydney, PhD Newcastle) is the Founder and Director of Kali Newcastle. He is an accredited martial arts instructor (KWA Accreditation No. A00606), published author, editor, and an  Associate Professor of history education at the University of Newcastle. He has been involved in martial arts since 1980, and has his first exposure to FMA was in 1982 through seminars with Guro Dan Inosanto. He has teaching credentials in Chinese, Japanese and Filipino martial arts, including Wing Chun & Non-Classical Kung-Fu (Instructor), Modern Arnis (Tagapagsanay), and Bujinkan Kobudo & Taijutsu (5th Dan Shidoshi). He is a fully qualified Magtutudlo (Instructor) in De Campo 1-2-3 Original certified by Maestro Paolo Pagaling and Master Jomalin Caballero; and a fully qualified Manunudlo (Instructor) in Bernas Estocadas certified by Grandmaster William Bernas; and has been studying Capoeira with Capoeira Aruanda since 2015 (where he earned the nickname "Espada").



De Campo 123 Original Magtutudlo (Instructor)

Guro Rebekah 'Serenata' Parkes (BMus Hons, Newcastle) teaches Capoeira as a Graduada under Mestre Borracha. She has studied Capoeira in Brazil and Eskrima in the Philippines. She is Australia's first female De Campo 1-2-3 Original Instructor (Magtutudlo), certified by Maestro Paolo Pagaling and Master Jomalin Caballero; and is an Instructor candidate (Hinog) in Bernas Estocadas. She was a founding member of the art music group Tone Camerata; and is lead singer of the world music trio, Big Jarda. She also plays with a Batucada trio, performs as a member of Soulfire Circus, and teaches circus skills to children. She is a Gymanstics for All (GFA) Coach with Gymnastics 21, and is currently studying teaching at the University of Newcastle.



Bernas Estocadas Manunudlo (Instructor)

Guro Chris Baird (BTeach/BArts, Newcastle) has studied a wide range of martial arts. Chris is a qualified High School teacher (his day job), and has worked as a circus performer as a member of The Brothers Bengali; a gymnastics and parkour coach at Springloaded; and teaches Capoeira as a Graduado under Mestre Borracha. He is also a qualified Manunudlo (Instructor) in Bernas Estocadas, and an Instructor candidate (Hanas) in De Campo 1-2-3 Original; and runs the occasional combative Chinese Rope Dart workshop, a weapon in which he has serious proficiency.